Adult Boundless Dress

Regular price $80

Choose your size based on the measurement chart below. Please take the time to measure yourself because pattern sizes and ready to wear sizes that you purchase in the store can vary greatly. There are no returns or exchanges for sizing issues =) There are three different length options including tank, tunic, and dress length. You can also choose from racerback or full back options.


PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING! This picture above is an example of the style you are ordering and will not be made from the same fabrics. 

This is a PRE-ORDER for an item made with custom fabric. PRE-ORDER fabric is not on hand & can take 8-12 weeks from the close of the round to print & arrive back to my supplier. From there the supplier cuts and ships the fabric to me. Once in hand my personal turnaround time can range from 4-8 weeks depending on my current work load. By placing this order you understand and agree to this wait time. Please note, I will not offer refunds when orders are within this timeframe =)

I will post updates and double check sizes on preordered items in my Facebook group. Please make sure you are a member so you can be easily tagged.